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Electronics Recycling


Recycle End-of-Life Electronics

At GlobalTech Sourcing and Solutions, we practice what we preach. Our goal is to provide the best buying experience possible while at the same time continuing our mission of keeping our environment clean by reducing, recycling and reusing all electronic material that comes across our path.

Globaltech Sourcing Leads by Example:

When you purchase an item from GlobalTech you are helping us, and our community at large, reuse existing technologies and reduce the amount of electronic materials that need to be conventionally recycled.

Recycled equipment is utilized to conduct our daily business operations. Everything from our computers and monitors to our routers and forklifts are recycled equipment. Even the boxes and packaging material come from recycled and reused materials.

We realize that by purchasing an item from us you may be replacing or upgrading an old or non-functional unit. This is how electronic waste is created. There are many easy solutions to properly recycle end-of-life electronics. GlobalTech has a solution for your unused electronics !

For more information on our recycling services, please contact us at sales@globaltechsourcing.com.

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